$6B challenge: Innovate political campaigns

Here’s a question for American ingenuity: How could $6 billion be used to stimulate the economy? Republicans and Democrats alike answered this way in recent weeks: Spend it on television for bad political advertising. More than $6 billion was spent in the 2012 election, making it the most expensive and wasteful in history. The irony […]

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The sausage factory: Why advertisers and ad agencies are failing customers

By MARK WALSH Have you noticed how much time, money and intelligence is allocated to identify the demographic, psychographic, emotional and purchasing-intent characteristics of today’s Internet users (or consumers?)? Isn’t it amazing how great companies like Tacoda, Revenue Science, Ad.com and all the ad-networks are touting their ability to find the needle in the haystack? […]

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Ashton Kutcher punked: We are a virus.

If Ashton Kutcher’s 4.5 million Twitter followers make you feel inadequate, I’ve got good news: scientists investigating social networks have punked the “influentials” theory that drives celebrities to the top of the charts. Aplusk, who boasts that he’s bigger than CNN, is apparently overrated. A new study finds that the importance of most influential spreaders […]

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