” I got shut out making a comment I wanted to make”

Terrific, thoughtful post by Len Witt on his own blog. Some excerpts:
“So here I am at the MediaMorphosis conference, but got shut out in getting a comment made that I wanted to make.

So what, I’ll just blog it here, which represents the power of who has control, the official moderator or the individual with his or her own printing press at his or her fingertips.

Actually that same dynamic is playing out here at the conference. The established journalists still are showing distain at the bloggers. Jay Harris of USC challenged Markos Moulitsas Zúnigas of Daily Kos about his standards.

Problem is that Harris and no other academic or journalist has the power to prevent Kos from publishing whatever he wants. That’s what is nice about a democracy. You get to say what you want as long as you don’t libel or slander.”

More here.

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