iFOCOS live-blog coverage of We Media 2008, organized by panel

As part of our on-going wrap-up of last month’s We Media Miami conference, I’m collecting here all the live-blog posts from the iFOCOS We Media blog, organized by panel.

The We Media fellows — that dynamic, hard-working group of folks who received some financial help to attend the conference, thanks to generous assistance from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation — took turns covering panels and posting their notes on our blog.

These live-blog posts serve as a written record of each panel. You can also, of course, access audio from the panels as well — eventually all the audio should be avaible.

Note: To see live-blogging and online commentary by other conference participants and fellows writing on their own sites, go to this round-up of conference blog coverage.

Panels on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008:

Morning Sessions:

MEDIA AT THE TIPPING POINT (Intro): Blogged by Barbara Iverson: post one, two, three, and four.

PRINT IS DEAD (Keynote): Blogged by Barbara Iverson: post one, two, and three.

PRINT REINCARNATED (Keynote): Blogged by Barbara Iverson: post one and two.

THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD (Forum): Blogged by David Cohn, (with additional commentary from Jillian York, and comments on UNU from Renata Avila)

POLITICAL WORLD – Hype vs. Reality in Campaign ’08 (Breakout): Blogged by Nathaniel James, (with additional commentary from Jillian York)

INFORMED WORLD – The Citizens Guide to Media Literacy (Break-out): Blogged by Travis Smith, (with additional commentary from Renata Avila)

SEARCH WORLD – Trust, Relevance and Rights (Breakout): Blogged by Jonathan Hendler

Afternoon sessions:

HEALTHY WORLD – The Future of Information & Communication Technologies in Health (Forum): Blogged by Jacqueline Kreinik: post one, two, three, four and five, (with additional commentary from Zita Arocha)

PITCH IT – Tomorrow’s Best Start-ups (Breakout): Blogged by Craig Smith. Post one and two.

PRO-AM WORLD (Breakout): Blogged by Zita ArochaLEADERSHIP WORLD – Women, Media and Technology (Breakout): Blogged by Jessica Mikulski, (with additional commentary from Renata Avila)

NONPROFIT WORLD – Endowed Journalism (Breakout): Blogged by Adrienne Ammerman, (with additional commentary from the Pulitzer Center’s Nathalie Applewhite)

INNOVATION WORLD – The Knight News Challenge (Breakout): Blogged by Jessica Reyes

ACTIVIST WORLD (Breakout): Blogged by Jessie Schuster.

WIDGET WORLD – The ME Revolution (Breakout): Blogged by Jacqueline Guitierrez

CIVIL DISCOURSE (Breakout): Blogged by Sarah Schacht

NEWS WORLD – Traditions and Transformation (Breakout): Blogged by Travis Smith

SOCIAL WORLD – Social Experiences in Business (Breakout): Blogged by Barbara Iverson: post one, two, three and four.

INDIGENOUS WORLD – We Tell Our Own Stories (Breakout): Global Voices blogging (and additional commentary from Renata Avila)

Panels on Thursday morning, February 28:

DEVELOPER’S WORLD: Emerging Content, Yours Mine and Ours (Forum): Blogged by Brooks Lindsay

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: Journalism as a Cause (Keynote): Blogged by Rob Park (with additional wrap-up by Andrew Nachison)

NETWORKED ECONOMICS (Forum): Blogged by Lauren Movius: post one, two and three.

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