See the change. Be the change.

What if you could put on shades, filter out current woes and see the possibilities of the creative now?


Pick their brains, pitch your brainy idea.

Change the game at We Media Miami.
A FEW OF OUR SPEAKER/PARTICIPANTS: Newser founder Michael Wolff; Juliette Powell, author of 30 Million People in the Room; FCC Managing Director Steve Van Roekel; Sunlight Foundation Executive Director Ellen Miller; Fast Company founder Alan Webber; Associated Press CEO Tom Curley; Ashoka President Diana Wells; Demand Media chief innovative officer Byron Reese; PBS CEO Paula Kerger; Beyond The Echo Chamber Co-Author Tracy Van Slyke.

And many more.

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Conference Whuffie

Since 2004, We Media conferences in Los Angeles, New York, London, Miami and Buenos Aires have informed, inspired and ignited companies, organizations and individuals seeking to understand and profit from the “power of us.” Big thinkers, accomplished achievers and uncommon innovators give We Media its Whuffie. From Nobel Laureate Al Gore to captains of industry, from craigslist to the UN, from marketers to content creators, from artists and story-tellers to healthcare big wigs, from social activists to founders, financiers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, We Media brings together leaders who share insights and experiences shaping the world of the connected society and its new marketplaces. Dozens of new projects, hundreds of new relationships and scores of solutions, partnerships and investments have emerged from the activities and key connections forged at We Media.


The program is topical, participatory and typically provocative. We frown on PowerPoints and panels, but celebrate human interaction surrounded by awesome multi-media and mobile, realtime connectivity. Activities include conversations with game changers, workshops, networking, demos and exhibitions of transformational technologies, businesses and services. We also deliver prescient research and case studies from our media think tank and futures lab. The food’s good, too, and we take advantage of Miami’s iconic resources to socialize inspiration with a mojito meet-up in a palm grove and at a poolside program under the stars.

Leaders, visions and business in a collaborative program

We Media connects business leaders, technologists, investors, entrepreneurs, news and product managers, social activists, public policy-makers and knowledge creators with each other and to emergent information technologies that enable people and organizations to communicate, solve problems and conduct business. It advances and enhances the structures, models and economies that support human communication, interaction and achievement.

orangeglasses-rightGame Changing

For the second year, the conference showcases the winners of the We Media Game Changers Awards – people, projects and organizations at the forefront of innovation. Game Changers identify emerging trends, demonstrate new products and services, share insights, mentor participants at the conference and establish high-level relationships with them. You can nominate Game Changers for the 2010 program and select the Community winner through online voting.

PitchIt! for $50,000

We’ll also award $50,000 to help turn two bold media projects into successful enterprises. Conference participants see demos and hear pitches from the PitchIt! Challenge finalists – selected from the best of hundreds of ideas for action, adaptation or investment.

Who Attends?

Execs, strategists, publishers, editors-in-chief, broadcasters, technologists, marketers, venture capitalists, producers, developers, funders and investors, journos, bloggers, social activists and educators come for the brainpower, not the titles. C-level suits mix it up with the young guns of digital media. Thousands of online viewers and participants tune in, follow, interact and follow up.

Renaissance Gallery and Sponsors

The conference exhibit gallery features finalists from the PitchIt! challenge, along with businesses and services showcasing their digital business innovations. To reserve an exhibit space, contact:

Sponsor Opportunities

To become a conference sponsor, contact: Andrew Nachison: andrew [at] wemedia [dot] com.

Presented with iFOCOS

We Media Miami and the PitchIt! Challenge are presented with iFOCOS, the media think tank and futures lab. Click here to join and support iFOCOS.