A Conversation with Chris McChesney, Franklin Covey

WeMedia is once again producing a regular podcast that features in-depth interviews with prominent media, technology, and social change figures, as well as distinguished experts on current affairs and news. Our goal is to help the WeMedia community understand the roots of the changes taking place in our society, hear from the thinkers and doers who are on the front lines, really understand the difficulties facing the media, consumers, and others — all while being somewhat entertaining.

Today’s podcast features a conversation with Chris McChesney, one of the lead researchers at the Franklin Covey company and the author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution: The Secret to Getting Things Done, On Time, With Excellence. Chris and I connected after I issued by ‘Business Book Challenge‘ — suggesting that I was having trouble finding business books that offered value, or insight, to really help people and organizations to succeed. Chris’ expertise is in helping organizations develop effective strategies and execute them properly — and his research, and now the book, are focused on teaching the principles that guide those successful efforts. He thinks his book passes the test — but I am not so sure that a book, no matter what it talks about, can fully change the way people think and act.  I put that question directly to Chris — you’ll be surprised by his answer (about 35 minutes into the podcast).  Beyond the book, we talked about some of the challenges that plague organizations today and what role technology and the internet are playing in making those easier, or more difficult, to handle.  We also discussed how people learn and how to measure success across organizations.  Really interesting stuff.

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