About We Media

We Media is a global innovation agency, publisher, studio and incubator for networked knowledge and culture.

We Media is also a big idea and a global movement to improve the human experience in the digital world. It’s become a common term for participatory media – a collaborative, user-generated alternative to “the” media. Really, it’s a placeholder for the complexity of how we know what we know – through journalism and the systems used to produce it; through marketing, advertising, education, art, work and our personal connections to people and organizations we trust; and through old and new kinds of stories, produced and distributed by anyone, that surround us in the social, mobile culture. We Media shapes politics, democracy and the power of us; and censorship, surveillance and the power of control. We Media is expansive and awkward. It includes storytellers, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, publishers, designers, startups, political and social activists, evil-doers, creation, disruption, information overload, a world of choice – and choices about how we live, learn and care for each other.

We Media is curated and edited by Andrew Nachison. Since 2006 he has convened and facilitated a global network of media, technology, business and creative leaders. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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