Audimated Update

We Media Community:

Audimated is close to launching our platform thanks to the support of We Media and readers like you. If you haven’t done so already please check out and add your email address so we can invite you when we launch. Make sure to tell your musician friends as well!

One of the key challenges we’re currently dealing with is our outsourced web development company. Most entrepreneurship experts will tell you that outsourcing your web development in the beginning can be a great way to keep costs down, but it can also cause some problems down the line with scalability. We are facing some of these problems now.

If I could offer some advice to other tech based startups, I would suggest securing a LONG TERM FINANCIALLY INCENTIVIED equity partner who can develop your web service. This is usually the best option because this individual is aligned with giving you the best product for the future instead of doing just the minimum work required to fulfill a web development contract. Out sourced contract web development will likely build your website in the cheapest and fastest possible way while making sure to meet your minimum requirements. It is in your best interest to find your team early. The more that the internal founders can do themselves without looking to outside professionals or service providers the better.

Look forward to the next post where I will be discussing the launch process for Audimated.



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