Does Barbie Video Girl know @Oldspice?

[Update July 19, 2010 – Sorry, Barbie, I let alliteration get the better of me. The original headline called you Bellycam Barbie. That was wrong. Barbie’s video camera is in her necklace, not her belly, with a tiny LCD screen in her back. It’s sold as Barbie Video Girl – and of course, for added iconic 2010 weirdness, you can follow “Barbie” on Twitter @barbiestyle – AN]

When we look back, I hope the BP Oilspill will be part of the story – and I hope we’ll call it that, rather than the Gulf Oilspill. The story will be dark, kinda like the 70s. Malaise. Lots of young people out of work – and they want better. I do too.

The global economy was limping along, wars still simmered in Afghanistan and Iraq, not much seemed to be improving for anyone. In the US, the Tea Party in Iowa compared Obama to Hitler in a billboard. Republicans frothed at the prospect of saying hell no to everything, a basketball player’s move from Cleveland to Miami briefly eclipsed all news and about anything; a dozen Russian “sleeper” spies accused of blending in and doing nothing in the US were deported; it was hotter than hell in Virginia and we even had a small earthquake to remind us that the earth itself really can slip from beneath our feet. I felt it. First in my life.

The Oldspice guy was there too.

Then again, maybe we’ll forget all that. Maybe when we look back, this is what we’ll see:

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