Checkpoint-friendly? Yeah, right. The joy of flying.

The Transportation Security Administration, those dashing functionaries at airport security, starts implementing “checkpoint-friendly” bag policies this week that will allow notebook computers through those scary x-ray machines without being removed from their case.

But to qualify as “checkpoint-friendly,” a bag must have a designated notebook-only section that unfolds to lie flat on the X-ray machine and contains no metal snaps, zippers, buckles or pockets.

Like backpacks, messenger bags and computer cases can be unfolded!. So here come the new tri-folds (below, one from bag manufacturer Tom Bihn): big, folding wallets with a removable notebook sleeve.

Reminds me of the scene from Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein (1974):

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Igor, help me with the bags.
Igor: [Imitating Groucho Marx] Soitenly. You take the blonde, I’ll take the one in the turban.
Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: I was talking about the luggage.

Notice to international passengers, including destinations in Transylvania: Arrive at the airport four hours before departure.

Computers still must be removed from backpacks and briefcases. But new computer garment bags may save dings from TSA Frankensteins.

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