Counting down to the conference

Count down is starting for the Mediamorphosis conference next week. I’ll be there, leading the blogging charge, on the soon to be launched conference blog, which is getting its QA checks right now.

For the past six weeks, web business and marketing newsletters have carried ads like this one:


The Media Center’s MediaMorphosis.
March 10-12, Newport Beach, CA.

Focused on the intersection and future of media, technology
and society. Look who’s coming: Qualcomm, Motorola,
Intel,, The BBC, Reed Elsevier, The New York Times,
Hearst, MSNBC, Red Herring, Newsweek, PR Newswire,
ITN, ABC News, Knight Ridder, AOL, Nando Media, Gannett,
and Tribune Co.

Participate in a series of Socratic dialogs with leading thinkers
on the forces shaping the future of media, such as media strategy
guru Jeffrey Rayport, Global Business Network founder Lawrence
Wilkinson, tech investor/analyst Esther Dyson, venture capital
investor/telecom advisor Edward Horowitz, Red Herring
publisher and CEO Alex Vieux, culture watcher and “Smart Mobs”
author Howard Rheingold, Sanford Bernstein Media Analyst
Tom Wolzien, CBS.MarketWatch CEO Larry Kramer, Tampa Tribune
president Gil Thelen, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga,
Fast Company founder Alan Weber, and many others. CNN’s
Jeff Greenfield moderates the stage-setting opening conversation

There are going to be about 100 people at the event, and they anr e an impressive group. The plan is for everyone to come wired (this is like the gunslingers bringing their guns in some ways). There will be a fat pipe of wireless connectivity, and as much blogging, AIM, real-time collaboration new tools, and das much discussion as folks are up for.

This blog is meant both as a record and discussion area for conference participants, and as a virtual coffee house and meeting place for interest observers to drop in, read, and share impressions and ideas.

There are also going to be three “younger” attendees, hopefully with some fresh points of view–Mary Hodder, who is a graduate student at Berkeley’s School of Information Sciences and runs both the Bipblog and; Ezra Klein, prorpietor of Pandagon, and a junior at UC Santa Cruz, and Britta Gufstason, creator of A Jeweled Platypus blog, who is also local area HS student. All three are accomplished bloggers. super smart observers. They will be partaking in the conference, and posting to this blog along with the rest of us.

Introductions and more info on the blog, schedule, and players to follow. If you are interested in being a “guest poster” and commenting on the themes from some of the sessions from afar, please let me know–we’re going to have comments and also invite “guest” commentators on some topics–once we get this new blog debugged, of course.
(Do the words QA hell ring a bell with anyone?)

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