Cyberjournalist Sez

Jon Dube is part of the remote reading group, and picks up on some of the themes in what may be a swirling discussion to those not here. He writes:

“In answer to a question of whether the new definition of news a conversation,’s Len Apcar hit the nail on the head when he said, “Why do we see these as mutually exclusive? Our real challenge is how to properly and elegantly integrate these aspects into one presentation on a web site All of that is channeled in a way where you understand the hierarchy of what’s presented and where you can interact.”

He’s dead on. Why are we always debating blogs versus news and conversation versus “old media” when the reality is everything is changing and all these new forms are clearly influencing the old forms — and there’s no question the “news” of the future will incorporate the best of all these elements (plus unfortunately, but inevitably, some of the worst as well). The challenge is is to figure out how to incorporate the new ways of telling the news that technology is creating. ”

More observations from Jon are here–hopefully, he will post some comments on this site as well if so moved.

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