Designing information spaces

Looking very much forward to this event – even if I am, just like JD – looking at it from afar.

Good start to the book Dan! However in the interest of controversity I should like to offer a hook:

This first chapter is very difficult to read because the design of the page is left to chance (depending on how wide open I have my browser window)

—> In a strategy paper a few years back I proposed that the successful newspaper of 2004 would be recognized for its competence in designing information spaces – be it on paper, on the web or anywhere else – as much as for its contents. And that it would be unwise to outsource the design aspects – for example of online newspapers – as they are an integral part of being a newspaper (or indeed any news medium).

While blogs at this stage offer a lot of quality in terms of content – it is a poor one in terms of packaging and design. As with powerpoint presentations – prefabricated blogger-templates do not raise the bar high enough to substitute news media. But they will challenge and support the development of news media.

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