Disruption and disorientation in news media

Discussion points: Why newspapers matter(or not)
Sandy Close: Perhaps because you speak only one or two languages, you are not going to have a sense of what your city is becoming, day after day, without the heft of print.”
Kos: Technology has made us a much smaller world–I can get more information online–we’re in a global community where I can bring the neighborhood to my students.
Brian Monroe: Newspapers are portable, self-pacing and cheap.
Esther Dyson: Your challenge as newspaper people is how to get online effectively and be relevant (in an age of blogging and global access.)
Howard Rheingold: In terms of a business, here is someone trying to sell yesterday’s product to someone who is interested in tomorrow…Maybe the products need to change.
Laurence Wilkinson: The challenge is to find out how to cope with this extraordinary outpouring of opportunity…There is a way for media companies to map the historical competencies onto this new order.

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