For your kids: Endless stuff

Here’s a new business model for kids entertainment that just might prompt parents to wish for the good old days, when their children were inundated with advertising.

Thwoop is an online video network built entirely to persuade kids to purchase licensed products related to their favorite shows.

The loop between entertainment for children and marketing of related licensed products is already maddening – for parents. My kids are in the midst of a minor Bakugan frenzy. Thwoop, from licensed products firm Brand Performance, aims to nurture that madness. According to VideoNuze, Thwoop will ditch advertising entirely and instead offer on-demand video for kids, with revenue from licensed product sales.

But will it work? Whether the goal is revenue from advertising or commerce, a site that aggregates content is still an old model that depends on quality content. Toy manufacturers, like all marketers, increasingly drive direct sales through a variety of channels – including their own web sites. Check out Lego for a stunning mix of videos, comics, blogs, games and social networking built around its various product lines, like Bionicles – and all connected to the online Lego store.

Here’s more on Thwoop from: VideoNuze.

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