Game Changers Guest Post: SocialVibe

NOTE:  We asked each of our 2009 Game Changers Awards Finalists to write about their projects, what they’ve learned along the way and what’s next.  This essay was written by Sara Bordo, Senior Vice President, Marketing of SocialVibe.

SocialVibe believes that empowering people to leverage their influence online can create positive impact for themselves, their brands, and their communities. Influential people aren’t just on TV anymore.  Everyone is influential and they’re on MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, MyYearbook, Twitter, blogs and all over the Internet. People are spending time each day interacting with other people online and SocialVibe believes they deserve an opportunity to be rewarded for that work, both for themselves and for something greater. SocialVibe allows members to Get Sponsored by their favorite brands in exchange for points and donations to the charity of their choice, in effect mobilizing millions of social media consumers to simply promote, distribute and support brands and charities.  We believe that making a real difference is possible without making a real difference to your bank account.  And our SocialVibe badge allows members to earn donations for their cause instead of giving one out of their pocket.

SocialVibe members create their own sponsorship badges through a quick and easy process and then add their custom badge to their existing social media profiles, including MySpace, Facebook, blog or Web site.  By displaying their SocialVibe badge on profile pages, members receive points and donations to the charity of their choice.  SocialVibe members also earn perks for themselves in the process, including one-of-a-kind travel experiences, high-end gadgets and access to exclusive events.  In public beta since February 2008, SocialVibe has grown to over 400k members, with thousands of new members joining daily and has already donated over $200,000 across more than 25 charity partners. Several projects our members have earned donations for include: four freshwater wells in Central Africa; a fun center in a local children’s hospital; over 400 mosquito nets to protect children against Malaria;  $10,000 for worldwide animal refuge camps.

SocialVibe was built to create a win-win-win for brands, people and charities. Brands are able to advertise in social media in a new meaningful and effective way, people get rewarded for their time online, and charities are better able to connect with supporters who can use their online influence to make real world change. With thousands joining each day, charity goals being reached each week and brands engaging with millions of consumers, individual influence is adding up to mass world change- that’s the community movement of SocialVibe.

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