Going Behind the Orange Curtain

To the Lovely (yes, capital-L Lovely) Four Seasons in Newport Beach tomorrow. It’s 85 in SF/CA today and well, spring fever is all aflutter. Unless you’re trying to get five days worth of work done in two, before taking off for the conference. Then you’re just wishin’ for rain.

However, while we may be swamped, take a peek at Mediapost’s Study Finds Internet Is the Medium Moms Rely on Most about the estimated 31 million online moms:

    Among the study’s other key findings: Moms now use the Internet almost twice as much as they watch TV, spending a total of 13.2 hours a week online versus 7.6 per week for TV. They use the Internet primarily as an information resource (86 percent placing it well ahead of TV and newspapers), secondarily as a source of entertainment (63 percent), and thirdly as an activity to engage their kids (43 percent).
    The Internet outranks TV, radio, and magazines as a trusted source of information. Only newspapers were ranked higher, and then, only by 3 percent.

But do “newspapers” include online newspapers? And does “online information” include news? Unfortunately the Mediapost write up isn’t clear. And the Disney study isn’t online.

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