Hello From SeeClickFix

WeMedia has been kind enough to offer us a place on their blog to keep their community updated about the progress of SeeClickFix.Com.

We’ll be checking in here frequently, but here’s an update on new features, new relationships, and ways you can help spread the clicking.

___New Features____
*Mobile Web Version
SeeClickFix from your smart phone and experience the new mobile phone
optimized version.  We can’t wait to get your feedback.  There’s
nothing like reporting your issue on the go.

*Photo Gallery
wondered what’s going on across the world on SeeClickFix.  In addition
to the activity feeds, you can now review all photos published in our
Photo Gallery at http://www.seeclickfix.com/gallery.  I love it.

*Issues Page New Look with Facebook Share
Clicket now as an issue home page which lists nearby activity and top
local issues.  Let us know what you think.  Notice you can now share an
issue with your friends on Facebook, too.

*Watch Area Landing Page

Similarly, each SeeFix watch area has a home page.  Let’s you know what’s going on nearby geographically.

*SeeClickFix for Your Site
Now it is even easier to build
SeeClickFix into your website with either an embeddable web widget or an
RSS feed.  Learn all about it at http://www.seeclickfix.com/widget.

*Feedback via Get Satisfaction
is now a SeeClickFix for SeeClickFix.  You can publicly post feedback
on the site and discuss it with other community members.  Watch for
the Feedback blue tab on the right-hand side of your browser.

___SeeClickFix News____
*Mayoral Candidate Endorsement
York, PA, has a Mayoral candidate who has embraced SeeClickFix see

*Lot’s of Media Websites
SeeClickFix is a part of Boston Globe, New York Times and Philly.com
websites along with many others.  Check out the blog to learn more

*Police and Crime Attention
In our home town, New Haven, we’re
seeing a lot of interaction between the police and the community around
drugs and traffic.  See
and http://blog.seeclickfix.com/2009/03/operation-clickfix.html.

How you can Help Spread the word and keep up to date.

Become a SideClick:

-Sign-up at http://www.seeclickfix.com/become_a_sideclick

*Stay in Touch – Read Our Blog or this Blog
We’ve been posting lots of new stuff to http://blog.seeclickfix.com.  Check it out once a week and/or add to your RSS reader.

*Refer a Friend
your friends about SeeClickFix.  In fact, forward them this email?  Or
send them over to http://www.seeclickfix.com/helps/show/3 to learn more.

*Become Our Facebook Fan
moving from the Facebook group to a Facebook page.  What’s the
difference?  Who knows, but that’s what Facebook wants.  Please become
a fan at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SeeClickFix/78040287852.

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