How about world press freedom EVERY day?

There’s a media and technology feeding frenzy in Washington. Failing U.S. newspapers are looking for a bailout from the government; nonprofits, telecoms and policy wonks are scrambling to have their say and get their piece of the economic stimulus action – a few billion dollars – to expand broadband networks AND create more content and services to justify it. Talk about sharks and chum. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, Bizjournals reported on the poorest and wealthiest cities in the U.S.. It takes seven families in Camden, New Jersey, to match the median household income of one family in McLean, Virginia. A 25-year-old war in Sri Lanka is said to be winding down – but the government there won’t let journalists into war zones to see for themselves. So we observed, quietly, fleetingly, remotely, another World Press Freedom Day this week. One day of freedom and remembrance for the dead seemed somehow – sad? prophetic? – against years of decline, layoffs, bankruptcies. Who’s on the local freedom beat in your community? Simple question, no? Makes you wonder why the world’s press doesn’t champion freedom every day. Ah, right, because some days there’s other business to attend to.

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