In the bar: comments from last night

A relaxed dinner at an unexpectedly fancy restaurant with fellow conference participants. Then hanging out in the bar with waves of other attendees coming back from their dinners.
A collection of comments on the day:
–I’m tired of talking about media vs. blogs–that derailed other points at the conference.
–Are we stuck on this topic because no one has any new ideas?
–How about community journalism, reader participation, RSS, newsreaders, FOAF–hasn’t anyone here heard of any of them?
–There’s a great brain trust in the room–they’re not having enough time to share their ideas.
–I am having a great time. The people are so interesting here–the energy in the hallways is wonderful–I hope we can leave here with some follow-up steps.
–I’m really enjoying this…the people are great.
–The morning conversation was good, but then the moderators were too generous–they let people talk too long,
–Ban the words “I remember”, 1996, and “This is just like…”

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