Can photographers turn things around?

The fundamentals of professional photography – oversupply in the digital / gig economy – should be familiar to all journalists. But they’ve been especially brutal on photographers. Everyone doesn’t want to be a journalist. But everyone snaps photos. Danielle Jackson, co-founder of the Bronx Documentary Center, asks some good questions at Creativz, and she ties the living wage struggles of photographers and other artists to those of all gig workers:

What if the field could foster industry-level conversations on creating sustainability? Should photo agencies offer healthcare? … Could foundations who support nonprofit media organizations insist their grantees pay advances? … And can photographers join larger political fights for universal healthcare, inexpensive education, and affordable housing, all of which will support the lives of artists, and others, in numbers much higher than any industry effort alone?

If you’ve got additional ideas, examples or counterpoints, add your voice.

via Creativz

Photo by Kaleb Nimz via Unspalsh / Creative Commons Zero

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