Jarvis sez

Several people have wished Jeff Jarvis was here.
In his usual way, he’s captured some of the issues of the conference via a smart read:
An excerpt from his post—and the entirety is well worth reading:
“As an old friend and former colleague of mine said often, journalism is a trade, a craft — not an art or a religion (or even a profession). It’s easy to learn — and teach — the tricks of that trade and some of them would be helpful to bloggers who want to learn them (e.g., how to avoid libel suits, how to get a congressman to return to call, how to file Freedom of Information requests, how to write a gonzo head…). On the same count, you have to learn how to blog (which you teach yourself and your public teaches you as you find your voice); Halley is teaching some old dogs new blogging.
But you’re born with integrity — or taught it by your parents. Good God, journalists have no lock on integrity and acting that way is the worst of arrogance.”

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