Mediamorphosis: Reception ramp up

5:30 PM, Four Seasons Hotel: The ballroom of the Mediamorphosis conference, with multiscreen projection, a bank of computers in the back, and lots of folks chatting as they milled around. Attendees took a break from chatting one another up to check out Roger Fidler’s E-Ink prototype, BBCers Justen Dyche and Clive Ferguson’s mobbloging/video phone tools (used for filing breaking news) , Mark Pincus’ next gen social network/listing company Tribe and Chris Tolles’ enterprise social network/relationship manager Spoke before listening to a presentation by Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky that subliminal kid.
Glimpsed in the crowd: Dean Wright and Michael Silberman from, ABC News’ Jake Tapper, Kennesaw State U’s Len Witt, Mike Romaner of Morris Digital, Merc columnist Dan Gillmor, MJ Bear, Freedom’s Tom Porter and Dawn Kusik Paduguganan, Joe Pilotta of BIGresearch, Ball State’s Mike Bloxham, Colorado Mountain News Media’s Laura Chiapetta, Marketwatch’s Larry Kramer, blogger Markos Zuniga, InTV’s Steven Messere, Jeff Klein of 101 Communications, Digital Futurists Howard Finberg and Leah Gentry, Tacoda’s Anne Hunter, Mindi Keirnan, Florian Body of Red Herring, Knight Ridder’s Brian Monroe, Hearst’s Ian Murdock, Trib’s John Twohey, Tampa Tribune’s Gil Thelen, Vivian Vahlberg of The Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation, and VNT’s George Patience.

Some overheard remarks:
Tech heads: “We should create a web site to rate VCs (venture capitalists) like”
Newspaper exec: “What is the difference between a blog and an unmoderated discussion?”
One consultant to another: “You look great, really relaxed–you working?”

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