MediaMorphosis Schedule

MediaMorphosis Updated program schedule

Wednesday, March 10

5:30 –7:30 Receptionand opening sessions (Salon)


Meet the MediaMorphisti

Canapes and cocktails

See/Think/Feel/Do Buffet


BBC’s video-Internet news phone

Roger Fidler and the news tablet

Tribe andSpoke social networks

Amazoning the News with Hypergene

Media performance by DJ Spooky

7:30 Dinneron your own

Thursday, March 11

7 Breakfasts

8:15 Opening: MediaMorphosis Moment (Salon)

8:30 Disruptionand disorientation in news media and the news business:

Presentedby Fred Friendly Seminars. Moderated by Jeff Greenfield, CNN


10:45 FlexTime

11:00 MediaMinds Meld

Capturing ideas, settingactions collaboratively

Group exercises andassignments

12:30 Buffetlunch and FlexTime (Garden Room)

1:15 We Media (Salon)

What we know, how weknow it, and how it’s changing

Presentedby The Media Center. Moderated by Dale Peskin, The Media Center


MediaMorphosis Moment: Howard Rheingold and Susan Mernit

3:00 FlexTime: Stretches, hot towels and hydration

3:30 The New Terrain for Business

Presented and moderatedby William C. Weiss, CEO of the Promar Group and

Senior Fellow, The Media Center


5:45 Adjourn

Dinner on your own

Friday, March 12

7 Continental breakfast(Portola Room)

8:15 MediaMorphosis Meaning

Inside out : recap with objectives

Outside in: what outsideworld is saying

9 MediaMorphosis Moment: John Burke, Motorola

9:30 MediaMinds Meld

Session introduction

Group report-outs

Individual insights

10:30 FlexTime

10:45 Dialog

Moderated review: Dale Peskin and Andrew Nachison, The MediaCenter

Feeback dialog

The conversationcontinues


11:45 Born to Run

12 Adjourn

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