More on BBC’s use of mobile video phones

Those interested in the BBC video camphone efforts Howard mentioned below might want to check out this piece I posted on a few months ago, reprinted from Ariel, the staff magazine and daily news online service of the BBC. In it, Andrew Harvey looks at this pioneering technology, discusses how BBC teams in Bristol and London are using video and sound from mobile phones on TV — and how the BBC is using the technology for undercover reporting.

A brief excerpt:

“The new technology is developing at an incredible pace,” says Justen Dyche, leader of the news project, who says some stories – such as a report on commuter congestion in a crowded carriage -could not be covered in any other way.

“It will not be long before your mobile phone can record your videos and well as your domestic camcorder and can send live video to our tv channels. Weíll be able to receive reports of breaking news in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost from a tiny unit that fits in your pocket.”

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