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In a few moments we’ll be conducting a a webcast to review what we learned in Newport Beach, the SIMM simultaneous media consumption study we released to the public this morning, and where we’re going with all this.

Comments and additional discussion are always welcome.

The most important outcome of MediaMorphosis was the initiation of a cross-sector network of professionals and organizations. The volunteer away teams are one piece of that network. We’ve also been urged to create a Media Center circle of friends to enable this new network to grow and accomplish something – and we’re working on that now. On a more formal level we’re communicating with a group of companies most committed to supporting The Media Center and tapping into our network of researchers, consultants, thinkers and industry leaders – so we can better lead and enble innovation for a better informed society.

We knew the smart people we gathered in Newport Beach would come up with a lot of ideas. We expected some would be keepers and some wouldn’t. We wanted more than a pile of ideas or hints at where we might go next: we wanted to mine those ideas and extract from them some real opportunities for action. So now we’re mining. The away teams are digging deeper into the MediaMorphosis brainshare, and we want to open this conversation to as many informed contributors as we can manage. If you’d like to join and work with one of our away teams, simply send a note, naming the team you’d like to join, to:

One again, the teams are:

– Team Biz – focused on disruptions to media business models.
– Team Ops – focused on operational, workflow and technical adjustments necessary for media organizations.
– Team Change: focused on managing internal expectations, culture and leadership challenges in the disrupted media environment.

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