Question of the Day

Larry Lessig and the team from Change Congress, along with a large (and growing) group of internet visionaries released a set of principles today, with the goal of helping/pushing President-Elect Obama towards a more open and accessible government.

The three principles that Lessig et al shared at included:

1. No Legal Barrier to Sharing
2. No Technological Barrier to Sharing
3. Free Competition

(There is an explanation of each on the site)

Certainly, we all want a more open and accessible government, but there continues to be significant debate about how best to achieve that and what challenges exist.  What technology might be used?  Is technology what is needed to address this challenge?  What level of staffing (or expertise) is required to support a more open government?  What security risks could a more open and accessible government create?  How do you hold the administration accountable?  What does the average citizen have to do to realize the benefits of a more open government?

I have few, if any, answers to these questions.  I’m not even sure I know all the questions that should be asked.  But I do know that these three principles are just the beginning.

So, my question of the day is this: What other principals must we consider, or put in place, to help the Obama administration achieve a more open and accessible government?


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