Roundup of We Media coverage

Thanks to everyone who sent us their outside takes on We Media. This is the first batch we have amassed. If you have a post you’d like us to mention, email us at ping (at) wemedia (dot) com.

Internet is Primary Source of News, Sez Poll
By Jennifer Saba — This just in from our friends across the aisle at Adweek. A new poll from We Media and Zogby Interactive reveal that 48% of respondents get their primary news from the Internet while only 10% said they get it from newspapers.

Ideas to save media industries are floated at We Media Miami
By Bridget Carey — Cutting-edge thinkers in the media industry gathered at the University of Miami to network, brainstorm ideas to monetize social media — and stay in business.

Live blog from WeMedia: Donna Shalala & Lennox Yearwood
By Barbara K Iverson — Conversation with Donna Shalala, president of the University of Miami and former Secretary of Health and Human Services; and Lennox Yearwood, president of the Hip Hop Caucus. Interviewed by Sam Grogg, Dean of the School of Communications.

On #wemedia
By Jordan Fulghum — I see the rejection of businesses that are in the business of making money as both dangerous and short-sighted.

WeMedia: Rebooting News and Media
By Erik Hersman — My group was tasked with News and Media, specifically, “How do you inform and engage a large audience in the big issues of our time?”

Our (We) Media Dissonance
By Dorian Benkoil — The sky is falling! Newspapers aren’t going to survive. … And, yet, it’s a time of incredible creative foment, when tools of creation, distribution and connection — and the ability to make money from it all — have been given to more of us than ever.

WeMedia & Me.
By Gregory McHale — Off to Miami today to take part in the WeMedia GameChangers Conference. Lots of interesting people attend this one (and then there’s me) and I’ll be a judge in the Pitch Your Big Idea contest – pretty excited about that.

We Media Conference
Fast Company Calendar — Don’t hate the player, hate the game. And if you hate the game, change it–with some help from this three-day conference that promises to help.

cupcakes and robots: Wednesday at We Media
By Rebekah Heacock — Among yesterday’s events, which included a video presentation by David Plouffe and a brainstorming session on the future of business, media, education, philanthropy and government (in under two hours, no less), my favorite was something called “Decoding the Culture.”

Liveblogging #We Media: Discussion, ideas for David Plouffe
By Susan Mernit — There’s an interesting discussion in the room about what technology can do next to help support the kinds of change government needs, referencing Obama’s speech last night.

By Jonathan, # Marks the Spot — We Media Conference; Hosted by the University of Miami School of Communication, Feb. 24-26, 2009; Miami, Florida; United States; “Engage with leaders and ideas shaping media, business, communication, technology, education and participation in the connected society.”

Tweeting from We Media Miami ’09 at the Univeristy of Miami
By Bridget Carey — I’m at the We Media Miami conference today. It’s about social media technology and journalism and it is going on today and tomorrow at the University of Miami.

We Media 2: Crisis reporting, one text message at at time
By Clyde Bentley — Not all of the gamechangers here at the We Media conference rely on cutting-edge technology. In fact, a project that depends on villagers in rural Africa has, in my mind, one of the best chances of the way distribute breaking news.

We Media 3: Person to person Web – literally
By Clyde Bentley — The sessions at the We Media conference in Miami always interesting, but some of the best information is gleaned in hallway chats during coffee breaks.

Winners of WeMedia Pitching Contest
By Barbara K. Iverson — Winners of WeMedia Pitching Contest

WeMedia ‘09: Community Values
By Virginia Miracle — BlogTalkRadio’s John Havens, Divine Caroline’s Suha Araj, the Washington Times‘ Chuck DeFeo and I will be leading a workshop on growing community in a variety of different business contexts

Can African reporters equipped with smart phones help improve accountability and transparency in development aid?
By Ben White — Africa Interactive is working to build a network of African journalist, photographers and filmmakers. This network consists of 400 individuals in 35 African countries. Last year we started documenting water and sanitation projects for International NGO’s like

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