Some HuffPo writers are paid for this stuff

We were among the many to wince at the new Huffington Post-AOL content machine. Following our take on Arianna and Tim’s master plan to rule journalism, HuffPo’s media and politics righter (lefter?) Jason Linkins explains how The Huffington Post really works.

“It’s often written: “HuffPost does not pay its writers,” Mr. Linkins who claims to be one, writes. “I assure you, they do!” He says he goes to work just like a real journalist, sometimes at strange hours because of news. “Somehow, I always seem to have money for food and shelter and stuff.” That explains it.

Mr. Linkins is a proud, paid employee of The Huffington Post. He’s got a name that works at a time when many skilled journalists are out of work or have settled for a pittance driving down the price of content for AOL. Whatever. “You can start a blog tomorrow and pay the AP or Reuters to do the same thing, if you like!”

Or you can become a celebrity, politician or activist and blog for free. “Now, people often wonder: why would anyone blog for free, at a place that pays other contributors? Please note, that part of what “free” entitles you to is a freedom from “having to work.” No daily hours, no deadlines, no late nights, no weekends. You just do what you like when the spirit moves you.”

God help us.

You may be asking: What’s up with all the exclamation points? Mark Twain, a pretty good writer, said that “one should never use exclamation points in writing. It is like laughing at your own joke.” The joke’s on us; Mr. Linkins prefers the exclamation point to the period. You’ll find them at end of complex, expressive sentences from him such as “Let’s begin!”

Oh, let’s not!

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