Today’s Game Changer Spotlight: Freewheelin

What: Bike sharing was a hit when launched in Paris in 2007. It was cheap, convenient and eco-friendly. End of story? Not so fast. A U.S. health insurer changed the game and wrote a new story. Humana promotes its business agenda – lower health care costs – through a state-of-the-art bike sharing program tested during the 2008 U.S. political party conventions in Denver and St. Paul. Freewheelin promotes its social and business agenda through communication – made possible by wireless/mobile and social networking technology. When you ride a Feewheelin bike, wireless networks track your mileage and calories burned. Social networking tools help individuals track their personal successes and, by calculating reduced carbon emmisions, their contributions to the shared health and wellness of their community and the planet.
Nominated for: Purpose, Social Impact, Business Model, Pattern Change.

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