The Finalists

One of the highlights of the upcoming WeMedia Conference in Miami is the WeMedia Pitch It competition. We are looking for ideas for new services, experiences, products and business models for media and technology – coupled with a potential for social impact and social benefit.  We will award up to $50,000 in seed funding to the innovators who can bring the best ideas to life.

Earlier this week we announced the finalists.

There are sixteen finalists in all — eight in the commercial category, and eight in the nonprofit/social category.  It is a diverse group of ideas and applicants that reaches around the world, across various platforms and technologies, and addresses a variety of important issues.

Here is the list of finalists:

Wendy Brawer – Open Green Map (
Jacob Colker – The Extraordinaries (
Cor Dietvorst – Reporting 2.0 (
David Veldkamp – Pay Others First (
Kurt Kohlstedt – Donateer
Frank Scruggs – Fund Your Idea
Josephine Dorado – Fractor (
Josh Wilson – Newsdesk  (

Michael Cayley – Social Capital Value Add (
Paul Evans – Policy Brief (
Miles Lasater – See Click Fix (
Allen Gagle – Venturi Wind Ventures
Cody Brown – Locccal (
Jessica Stuart – Media Storm (
Lloyd Nimetz – Wagglerz
Dominik Von Jan – Groopies (

The finalists will be in Miami to present their ideas to a panel of expert judges, and the participants at WeMedia.  Every single one of these ideas could walk away with the big prize, so expect them to bring their ‘A’ Game.

More soon.

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