The Pepsi Challenge

The room has been divided into three sections…
Three teams are tasked with figuring out the issues and problems with the current state of media. Kind of a triple wiki session/brainstorm on fixing your biz by getting busy with those you’ve been placed next to (don’t think this conference is giving up control; they got a seating plan that could best Martha Stewart).

One topic, one group:
-information networks or communities of people exchanging news, information and conversation emerge as the principal means of learning and discovery. Macro and micro Know/Trust Networks will likely eclipse traditional, informed intermediaries and gatekeepers as trusted sources of information
-all news and information will at some point be virtual, digital and mobile.
-individual’s exert unprecedented power. Individual contribute to and participate in the creation of portable, immediate and continuously updated news and information.

And the network is down. Oh for the love of transparency.

And Wayne Sarillo has arrived with gobs of post-its saying “we are still rubbing sticks together aren’t we….”

Okay, back up. There are a few mumbled cheers. Let’s drive.

We’re looking at the Agenda Designer on WebIQ on the big screen, and people are logging in to post ideas for their respective groups. Users are posting anonymously, to encourage people to put anything up. Then people will rate the ideas, for the impact or severity of the challenge (the answer to #16 is 4). More later… people are thinking hard.

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