The We Media Game Changers

… and the winners are…

Here is a quick rundown of the We Media Game Changer Award-winners. (Full essays on each will be available at the We Media conference and online, soon.)

SocialVibe spurs social networkers to choose charities they can reward financially with dollars from sponsors who get a deeply engaged audience.

Ze Frank is a poly-talented performance artist-cum-Web designer with an overdeveloped aptitude for getting people to reach across technological, political and media barriers — making them laugh and curse in the process.

Twitter is the progenitor of a communications ecosystem that’s created both a virtual industry and a charity infrastructure riding on its back before the company itself even has a clear business model itself.

The Knight Foundation invests millions on media experiments that may fail in the short run but will ultimately keep journalism, the information fabric of our communities, alive.

David Plouffe is the campaign manager without whose media efforts Barack Obama wouldn’t be president. He shows how ground-up, grass-roots organizations can use personalized media to move the world.

Ushahidi helps individuals in crisis zones — from Kenya to Gaza to stricken American cities — connect to the world, and helps the world reach out them in times of dire need.

Innocentive’s 165,000 “solvers” cure disease, bring light to African villages and prove that for-profit science is made more forceful with the tools of we media.

Freewheelin’ uses we media to get us riding shared bicycles, improving our health, decreasing our waistlines and lessening the carbon we spill into the atmosphere.

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