To GOP: Sorry about the news. Blame us, buy the shirt.

The news media is taking heat for reporting on politicians who lead or want to lead the country. The president doesn’t like it. John McCain, who ought to be grateful for the vetting, doesn’t like it. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t care for it. But Sarah Palin shows she can take it.

The GOP has found its issue for the presidential campaign: the media. Blame it for the mess President Bush leaves and the one Gov. Palin brings. Stirred into a media-bashing frenzy by losers Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani, delegates at the Republican convention last night blamed the “angry, liberal press” and chanted “tell the truth.”

The question is whether they can handle the truth. The myth of liberal media aside, can’t Republicans come up with a better campaign strategy than the old when-all-else-fails-blame-the-media song and dance?

It’s not their fault; it’s ours. We’ve exhorted MSM to get back to the tough business of aggressive reporting in this complex age of endless information. And we’ve encouraged all citizens to exercise civic rights and skills in the connected society.

We accept responsibility by acknowledging our role with a commemorative T-shirt. Three colors at our new online store, proceeds donated to citizen journalism projects.

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