Welcome to Morph

Welcome to Morph, the Mediamorphosis conference blog. At this site, you will find detailed reports on all the conference activity including in-depth session coverage and reports on the social scene. Digital cameras and moblogging phones will be on the loose, so watch out!
You can find detailed conference information by following the Mediamorphosis links to the right of this page. In addition, if you use a newsreader, you can hook up with a Mediamorphosis RSS feed . We also have a mega-feed of all conference bloggers and all posts everywhere that mention Mediamorphosis, thanks to Feedster, and an RSS feed of that as well.
There are over 100 participants in this first Mediamorphosis conference and a full program of discussions, demos, activities and events.
With that in mind, we hope to deliver full coverage of the program here, as well as provide an opportunity for participants–both real-time and virtual–to comment, reflect, and just plain set the record straight.
We are covering this conference with a crew of correspondents including 5ive partner Susan Mernit, Berkeley School of Information Sciences grad student and bIPBlogger Mary Hodder, UC Santa Cruz student and Pandagon blogger Ezra Klein, and Los Angeles high school student and A Jeweled Platypus blogger Britta Gustafson. Additional conference participants–including Howard Rheingold–who’s already posted here–will be participating as well.
Everyone is welcome to post comments–if you are a conference attendee–or a remote observer–who would like a guest account to post directly to this blog, let me know–smernit at aol dot com.

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