WeMedia 2005 Program

We Media fosters collaboration through conversations, connections and shared knowledge. We’ve organized conversations with individuals and organizations who are using the Internet as a collective force of unprecedented power. We’ve created a setting for you to talk to them and to each other – a day for learning, and sharing, ideas and opportunities.

No ordinary conference, We Media is about how we
create a better-informed society by collaborating with
each other. Arrange meetings in advance or during scheduled meet-ups at the conference

Engagement by all attendees is encouraged. We rely on attendees to set a course for We Next.

7:15a – Registration; Bagels with bloggers

8:30a – We Media 2.0, Presented by The Media Center – Dale Peskin, Andrew Nachison

9:00a – We News – Tom Curley, Richard Sambrook, Farai Chideya, Larry Kramer, Merrill Brown

10a – 15-minute meet-ups / AP Tours

10:15a – Keynote – Al Gore

11a – We Inc. Executive forum – Jason McCabe Calacanis, Jennifer Feikin, Craig Forman, Andrew Heyward, Scott Rafer

Noon – Mid-day meet-ups / AP news center tour

1:15 – Three Sessions:
Media Gawking – Jessica Coen, Ellen Kampinsky
We Invest – Brad Feld, Paul Ginocchio, Susan Mernit
Culture, Politics & Buzz – Dominik von Jan, Farai Chideya, Patrick Phillips, Jay Rosen, Rick Ducey, Brad Burnham, John Gerzema

2p – Three Sessions:
Citizen Journalism – Susan DeFife, Dan Gillmor
We Marketing – Fernando Espuelas, John H. Bell
Activism & Democracy – Rebecca MacKinnon, Nicholas D. Kristof, J.B. Holston, Lex Alexander, Henry Copeland, Steve Rubel
Marcus Xiang, Brian Reich, Seth Green

2:45p – Afternoon stretch

3p – In Us We Trust – Craig Newmark, Richard Edelman, Watts Wacker, Karen Stephenson

4p – Collaboration Cafe with Speakers

5:30p – Cocktails

6:30p – Adjourn

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