WeMedia 2006 Participants

Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters
Mark Thompson, Director-General, BBC
Jeffry Sachs, Director, The Earth Institute (via satellite from New York)
Nitin Desai, Special Assistant to the Secretary-General of the United Nations
Richard Dreyfuss, Actor and Activist
Wadah Khanfar, Director-General, Al Jazeera Network Channel
Carolyn McCall, CEO, Guardian Newspapers
Richard Sambrook, Director of Global News, BBC
Dave Sifry, CEO, Technorati
Nikesh Arora, Vice President of European Operations, Google
Scott Heiferman, Founder & CEO, Meetup.com
Chris Ahearn, President, Reuters Media
Rafat Ali, Editor & Publisher, paidContent.org
Nihal Arthanayake, DJ & Music Journalist
Ros Atkins, Presenter, World Have Your Say, BBC
Timothy Balding, CEO, World Association of Newspapers
Jihad Ballout, Director of Corporate Communications, Al Arabiya
Angela Beesley, Board Member, Wikimedia Foundation
Emily Bell, Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Unlimited
Jeff Belk, Senior Vice President, Qualcomm
Kamla Bhatt, The Kamla Bhatt Show
David Brain, European President & CEO, Edelman
Helen Boaden, Director of News and Current Affairs, BBC
George Brock, Saturday Editor, The Times of London
Merrill Brown, Founder & Principal, MMB Media LLC; Media Center Advisory Board
Matthew Buckland, Publisher, Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa
Rudy Chan, ex-CEO, China.com
Jean-Marc Coicaud, New York Head, United Nations University
Adam Curry, Podcaster, Curry.com
Nitin Desai, Special Assistant to the UN Secretary-General
Richard Dreyfuss , Actor and Activist
Graeme Ferguson, Director of Global Content, Vodafone
Stephanie Flanders, Economics Editor, BBC Newsnight
Dan Gillmor, Author, We The Media
Nik Gowing, Presenter, BBC World
Sebastian Grigg, Partner & Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
David Dunkley-Gyimah, Video Journalist/ Senior Academic
Andrew Hawken, General Manager, MSN Portal Experience
Paul Holmes, Global Editor for Political and General News, Reuters
Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO, Qualcomm
Jeff Jarvis, Blogger, Buzzmachine.com
Spencer Kelly, Presenter, BBC Click
Rhami Khouri, Editor-at-Large, Lebanon Daily Star
Wilfred Kiboro, CEO, Nation Media Group, Kenya
Megan Knight, Middlesex University
Dr. Michael Kraig, Director of Policy Analysis & Dialogue, Stanley Foundation
Geert Linnebank, Editor-in-Chief & Global Head of Content, Reuters
Sunil Lulla, CEO, Times Global Broadcasting Co. Ltd., India
Rebecca MacKinnon, Co-Founder, Global Voices
Carolyn McCall, CEO, Guardian Newspapers
Andrew Nachison, Director, The Media Center
Salah Negm, News Editor, BBC Arabic TV Service
Rachel North, blogger, Rachel from North London
Rabiya Parekh, Presenter, World Have Your Say, BBC
Bertrand Pecquerie, Director, World Editors Forum
Dale Peskin, Co-Director, The Media Center
Keith Porter, Director of Communications & Outreach, Stanley Foundation
Shoba Purushothaman, CEO, The NewsMarket
Scott Rafer, Chairman, Wireless Ink
Rachel Rawlins, Managing Editor, Global Voices
Richard Sambrook, Director of Global News, BBC
Mark Sandell, Editor, World Have Your Say, BBC
David Schlesinger, Global Managing Editor, Reuters
Karen Stephenson, President, Netform; Media Center Advisory Board
Neha Viswanathan, South Asia Editor, Global Voices
Katherine von Jan, Co-CEO, Infinia Group
Marcus Xiang, CEO, PDX.CN, China
William C. Weiss, Chairman & CEO, The Promar Group; Media Center Advisory Board
Dean Wright, SVP & Managing Editor of Consumer Services, Reuters

Online Curators:

Brian Reich, Senior Strategic Consultant, Mindshare Interactive Campaigns
Suw Charman, Executive Director, Open Rights Group
Vanessa Fabiano, Editor, Shortcut: A European City Blog

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