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Earlier this week WeMedia gathered a group of innovators and disruptors for a day-long series of conversations and demos to explore the business and beauty of tablet computing.  The Tabula Rasa (blank slate) event provided a fresh look at what to make of tablets – and what to make with them.  But the event was just the beginning.  WeMedia also invited some uber-smart people to write down their thoughts about what tablets mean for the future of media, entertainment, education… and everything else.  Here is one of the head-spin causing, bold and brilliant essays from our contributors.

Lina Srivastava, whose work focuses on employing strategy, innovation, engagement and the use of cultural assets to create and demonstrate social change, thinks tablet computers have the potential to change the world.  In her essay, Access For All, she writes:

There is an opportunity for all of us in the social impact field and the communities we serve to turn to this technology—in its next iterations, with the right apps and the right media creation tools—into a facilitation device, to build community and capacity through media.

…and issues the following challenge:

The question that tablet computing can make inroads on is: How can we, as a practical matter, create communities of practice that use creation and distribution of cultural assets to engender positive social action?   Tablet computing has the ability to let us all—BOP or not—have deeper access to participation and voice.

And there is much, much more.  Read or download the entire essay here, and let us know what you think.

WeThink – Access for All – Final


This post/essay is a part of our ongoing WeThink projectWeThink is a conversation about innovation and the future — an effort to explore new ideas and promote solutions to the challenges that our society is facing. If you have an idea you would like to share or an issue/question/topic/innovation you would like to see addressed, let us know.

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