WeThink. Differently.

Last week I told you about WeThink, a conversation about innovation and the future and iFOCOS/WeMedia will moderate over the coming year.  Today I am pleased to share the first piece of that conversation: WeThink. Differently.

WeThink is effort to explore new ideas and promote solutions to the challenges that our society is facing.  It is based on the idea that we need to re-think the way we create, support, and sustain ventures and re-think how we innovate.  This first article, which I wrote, is designed to set up the rest of the discussion.

Here is a quick excerpt:

“The public is more engaged than ever before, more capable of collecting and sharing information with a wider audience — for free — than at any point in our history. This drives greater interest in media and a greater opportunity to foster and promote new ideas, that include a larger, more diverse audience in the shaping and supporting of companies and innovations than ever before. A more diverse and interesting culture is emerging. We have an unprecedented opportunity to engage, drive participation, and mobilize action in new and exciting ways. This is an invitation to act.”

The way I see it, what we are doing simply isn’t working anymore – not as well as it should, or could.  We need to take some big steps, make some tough choices, and change how we think … about a lot of things.  That’s what the whole WeThink conversation is about — challenging each of us to look at things a little bit differently.  Consider yourself invited to be a part of this discussion.

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