What’s in your wallet?

Our favorite media pundit Jay Rosen shared this test for understanding how people define and are defined by communities. What I carry in mine:
— Driver’s License. Geographic community.
— Business cards. Connections to global communities.
— Insurance cards. My health and wellness, anywhere.
— Apple Pro Care. Ticket to my technology.
— Hidden Creek Country Club card. My shadow life as a golfer.
— Dad’s “Hole-in-One” card. DNA; remembering moments with my father.
— Family photos. Real life.
— Key cards. Access to current worlds.
— Code card to storage facility. Holding tank for past worlds.
— Voter’s registration. Citizenship badge.
— Affinity cards. Privilege passes for a global citizen.
— Credit and debit cards. Convenience currency for life on the go.
I’m local so long as my wallet is with me, even if I’m in Beijing. Now my goal is to retire the wallet and put all my communities on an iPhone. Which I’ll also lose.

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