Wii Have a Community

I find the phrase “citizen journalism” is in some cases far too weighty a label for the most interesting examples of the activity. Not every CJ site is about global warming or local democracy in action. . .

. . . Many musician forums, Jack Johnson’s for example, will have a great deal of distributed reporting about the activities of that band, some by one-post individuals on the scene, but much by a smaller hard-core group.

And then there’s Wii Have A Problem which is doing a great job of documenting the injuries and destruction wrought by those who have just purchased a Nintendo Wii.

broken TV

Whether it’s news about continuing Wii shortages, the recall of the controller strap, or fatal media stunts, this new community of Wii owners is already sharing stories, tips and clips in interesting ways, and educating each other in the process. For the best examples of this, make sure to check out the “Damage” page.

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