World Economic Forum Webcast: Leveraging the Power of People

If you have some time, check out the webcast of Jan. 27th’s Web 2.0 session from the World Economic Forum, called “How Web 2.0 will mould the future.” The panelists focused on social networking and some discussion of the emerging 3D avatar worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft. . .

 . . .You might have heard of a few of those speaking:

  • Caterina Fake, Founder, Flickr, USA
  • William H. Gates III, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation, USA
  • Chad Hurley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, YouTube, USA
  • Mark G. Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nike, USA
  • Viviane Reding, Commissioner, Information Society and Media, European Commission, Brussels
  • Dennis Kneale, Managing Editor, Forbes Magazine, USA

Here’s the description from the WEF site.

The rapid rise of online social networks is both a social and business phenomenon, the impact of which is only beginning to be understood. The consumer-powered Web 2.0 creates innovative ways for businesses to operate and people to communicate.

1. What is driving the emergence of virtual communities? Is the rapid rise in their valuations justified?
2. How are companies beginning to use social networking strategies for product and market development, as well as for communication?

“There is a broad trend for people to share their lives with as wide an audience as possible”, Chad Hurley, Co-Founder of YouTube, said. Using his own company as an example, Hurley added that, “since we are now the largest audience, even more people are choosing to share their experiences on our site.”

The panelists also discussed the new and different ways to measure online success. “Page views are becoming less relevant. What’s taking their place is the number of connections that are made on your site,” said Caterina Fake, Founder, Flickr, USA.

It’s in Real Media or Windows format. Sadly, you can’t download it and watch it on your iPod. That would REALLY be Web 2.0.

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