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We Media was founded in 2006 by journalists Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin. Dale left the company in 2014.

How we work

We listen, learn, report, analyze and collaborate like crazy. We’re story-tellers. We’re also explorers, catalysts, futurists, analysts, strategists, designers, developers, producers, guides, consultants, marketers, facilitators and curators.


There’s too much noise, not enough purpose. Ours is simple: We aim to improve the human experience in the digital world.


We help our clients tell stories, find audiences, design and launch new ventures, imagine new horizons, explore new domains, re-imagine processes, respond to complex change and unleash the intelligence, influence and value of networked communities everywhere.

These are some of the companies that have engaged us, sponsored, collaborated or participated in our projects:

  • Associated Press
  • BBC
  • Reuters
  • Gannett
  • Yahoo!
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • AARP
  • Ashoka
  • Global Campaign for Climate Action
  • Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
  • Tok Media International
  • New York Times
  • Grupo Clarin
  • Telecom Argentina
  • Australian Broadcasting Corp.
  • Amnesty International USA
  • Washington Times
  • Panasonic Mobile
  • Qualcomm
  • Nokia
  • University of Miami
  • University of Southern California
  • Education Week
  • John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
  • Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation
  • World Editor’s Forum
  • National Endowment for Democracy
  • Topix
  • Dentsu
  • Ogilvy
  • Edelman PR
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Fleishman Hillard

Our Obsessions

We Media is also a movement. It’s about how we know what we know, whether through journalism and the shifting systems used to produce it, through social networks and our personal connections to people and organizations we trust, or through old and new forms of story-telling that travel side-by-side and surround us in the digital mediascape. It’s about politics, democracy and the power of us; and censorship and the power of control. It’s about information overload and a world of choice – and choices about how we live, learn and care for each other.

Even a world with too much information, we crave stories, experiences, signals and artifacts that inform, inspire, entertain and uplift humanity.

We Media is at once a sea of noise and confusion, a day-to-day struggle for survival and achievement, and an infinite quest to harness the power of media, communication and human ingenuity for the common good.

We’re obsessed with all of that.


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