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One Thing No. 1

Last month I “soft” launched a newsletter. I sent the first one to people already on my mailing list and put up some notes on my social nets. I’m working on the next one and we’ll see where this goes. I may shift to a subscription model at some point, or work with sponsors, or both. For now, it’s launched, live and “out there” and I hope you’ll give it a try. Here’s the note I sent to my list last month. – AN

One Thing

I read once that before you do many things well you should do one thing well. So here goes …

Meet One Thing. It's a newsletter.

You are holding in your gaze the first edition.

OK, fine, technically, if you count all the notes and updates I've sent to friends and fans of We Media over the years, then no, it's really not the first edition. You've heard from me before. But today's note arrives with a new name, a new approach, and also a new benefit for anyone who sees it. Now you can say, with a straight face, "No, I don't keep up with everything. I don't try, I don't even fake it any more. Instead, I read One Thing."

I hope you really do.

Like it? Please forward the signup link to someone you like: http://1thg.co

Here's one thing you need to know about One Thing:  That's its name, not its molecular structure or purpose. It comes with no promise on form or frequency. The next edition may be entirely about one thing. Or it may be about several, or a collection of links. It may be about something important that happened yesterday, or something beautiful, or the future. It may be short and sweet. Or long and bitter. Or short and bitter, like me. Opening it should be like opening a present. If One Thing doesn't surprise you, then it isn't working.

Here's one thing it is not: an automated spew of links from an xtralarge-mega-bigdata predictive analytics influencer engagement content curation marketing automation social mobile cloud thing that claims to know what you should, would and will click on.

One Thing is a simple thing. The algorithm is my heartbeat.

I'll get into other things next time. You'll find more at nach.com and wemedia.com.

Here's one thing to help you hear your own heartbeat:

F*ck that: A Guided Meditation (NSFW) by Jason Headley

I hope you enjoy a productive and restorative summer (or winter, if your seasons are south of the equator).

Andrew Nachison / We Media

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