Podcast: A Conversation with Joe Marchese, SocialVibe

We’ve recorded another podcast!

WeMedia is producing a regular podcast that features in-depth interviews with prominent media, technology, and social change figures, as well as distinguished experts on current affairs and news.  Today marks our third installment.  Our goal is to help the WeMedia community understand the roots of the changes taking place in our society, hear from the thinkers and doers who are on the front lines, really understand the difficulties facing the media, consumers, and others — all while being somewhat entertaining.

Today’s podcast features a conversation with Joe Marchese, the founder of SocialVibe, a site that allows users to Get Sponsored by their favorite brands while earning points for the reward of your choice.  SocialVibe is changing the way individuals, causes, and corporations are interacting with eachother.  So, we discussed social networking, the future of advertising, how charities and causes are embracing technology, politics, and even sports (spoiler alert: Joe is a Mets fan).

Click below to listen.

(We are finally getting the hang of this podcasting stuff.  But we still want your help — finding guests, identifying topics, making improvements.  Send us your thoughts and suggestions.)

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