These designs are not legal tender

Back in the September, I wrote that “one of the fundamental tasks of design and business is to stand between revolutions and life, to help people deal with change.” That was the premise of The Right Brain Rules, a strategic vision and a portfolio of assets for creating value into the future.

Allison Arieff goes beyond  by proposing a national design policy. “Design touches all sectors of our daily life, and increasing awareness of that reality can result in tremendous benefit for all,”  Arieff writes in her New York Times blog.  “Our entire economic system could do with a redesign. which would help bolster American competitiveness at a time when we can use all the help we can get and enable the government to properly promote and measure the (only) remaining competitive advantage of American goods and services: their design.”

DC designers have taken the lead in  a DC Magazine competition organized by Richard Smith. The entries, shown below, should get you excited about currency again.

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