“In the last couple of decades, the answer to the introvert’s dilemma was easy: get a computer and learn to code. Like a novelist (another popular introvert career path), you can create a new world using only words.”

– Ben Klemons in HTTPS: the end of an era

The new library: Co-work with a bookbot

The experience at the extraordinary Hunt Library is so encompassing, so collaborative that it’s apt to make gatekeepers everywhere a little uncomfortable. So complete is the remaking that traditionalists and visionists alike wonder if The Hunt should even be called a library.

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Watch this space

Once again, We Media is designing new space. There’s the physical space of weSpace, the co-working hub we’re launching for entrepreneurs and digital creatives. There’s the social space where we connect innovators through technology, collaboration and creativity. And there’s the space between the ears where we consider our place in a shape-shifting world.

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Current finds TV’s future at the bar

Current TV’s Bar Karma is a stunningly original development in storytelling enabled by the collaboration of a creative generation of storymakers and visionary mediamakers. A community of viewers can use Internet applications at Current’s Creation Studios to create and develop stories, characters and plots for the new TV series. Brilliant producers such as video game […]

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