From 2006 to 2012, iFOCOS was an independent, non-profit, non-partisan center for research, education and action to improve the human experience in the digital world, led by We Media co-founders Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin. iFOCOS produced research on trust, social media and networked culture, organized agenda-setting conferences for journalists, publishers, marketers and technologists, and incubated the PitchIt! Challenge to provide funding and mentoring to commercial and social entrepreneurs with big ideas for pattern-shifting media-tech startups. Funders and sponsors included the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation, McCormick Foundation, The Associated Press, ThomsonReuters, AARP and others. iFOCOS connected a global network of executives, entrepreneurs, creators and visionaries from media, marketing, tech, investment, philanthropy, social and civic ventures.

This is what it was all about:

We think life for everyone, everywhere, can become better-informed, better-governed, better-educated, richer, healthier, wiser, safer, more fulfilling, more peaceful, just and sustainable for future generations – just plain better – through creative uses of the internet, mobile networks, digital media and communication technologies.

That’s a sweeping and plainly hopeful agenda. To achieve it we help individuals and institutions worldwide use cutting-edge technology, ideas, designs and practices to harness the power of media, communication and human ingenuity for the common good.

Here’s how:

  • As a think tank, we produce research, analysis and convene thought leaders to inform and inspire a world made better through media and communication technologies.
  • As an innovation lab, we help founders, dreamers, entrepreneurs and social visionaries turn bold ideas into new products, services and businesses. Through the PitchIt Challenge we invest and provide expert advice to help founders get started, move quickly and spend wisely.