“We are all co-creating the potential Doomsday Device that can undermine all the liberties our collective ancestry fought for. Don’t run from it. Embrace the full picture. Realize what constant connectivity and persistent data tracking have delivered along with that on-demand burrito service. I keep thinking about how we built this infrastructure heavily during the presidency of a pretty decent man (drone wars not included), and now the keys to the kingdom are about to go to a decidedly less stable figure.”
Baratunde Thurston

“Our industry thinks its glory days are over. Our industry’s glory days have not even begun. Because we have not even begun to see what this industry could be with the creativity and the talent and skills of women and people of color.” – Cindy Gallup

“Why this insistent emphasis on choices and filtering now? It’s obvious: when everything is available, within reach, accessible, the problem becomes not one of scarcity but of abundance. Where to find, amid the glut, what is right for you? How to separate the music from the noise?”

— David Byrne in A great curator beats any big company’s algorithm