We Media Game Changer Awards

Who inspires you?

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GameChangerslogoThe We Media Awards recognize Game Changers: People, projects, ideas and organizations leading change and inspiring a better world through media. Winners are featured in conversations and case studies at the We Media Miami Conference. We invite entries from all fields. Big companies, little startups, social entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, brands, marketers, causes, tools, ideas, commercial, nonprofit – all are welcome.

What’s a Game Changer?

Game Changers lead society to knowledge. They inspire involvement and action through media, and we celebrate their achievement at We Media Miami, the annual innovation conference where their stories become the content of the program. They provide example, insight and inspiration for leaders and visionaries from all fields by demonstrating how to navigate and lead the connected society.

YOU are also a judge

Your nominations and votes count. The Community Choice winner, selected by online voting, will be invited to present their game-changing ideas at the We Media Miami Conference.


Whether through exceptional story-telling, novel business models, significant social impact, brilliant design or powerful vision, we’re seeking to honor achievers and examples that can serve as beacons of inspiration for the next generation of game changers.

Story: Create and apply a unique storytelling experience through journalism, discovery, narrative, exposition, or new methods and metaphors.

Design: Creatively engage multiple levels of intelligence and understanding of complex info with clarity, style, and meaning.

Social Impact: Impact the social condition, stimulate citizenship, raise awareness, influence public policy, marshall support.

Pattern Change: Pioneer original approaches and paradigms.

Purpose: Express a purposeful vision through values reflecting ethics, credibility, responsibility and authenticity.

Community: Organize community, virtual or geographic, in new way.

Sustainability: Innovative business practices, entrepreneurial quality or sustainable model.

Nominate yourself, your company, your products of whatever ranks as your flat-out favorite innovation for the We Media world. Who inspires you? Which design, project or product makes you say, “Yes, that’s it. That’s the future.” We’ll also compile case studies around each Game Changer to help others apply lessons from their achievements.