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Our economic stimulus package:
Rebooting capitalism with a fresh look at people, outcomes, connections and creativity

A call to action for innovation and collective empowerment
The end of apathy, the rise of responsibility

Biking the way to a better world
A holistic approach to health care as a hallmark of global responsibility helps Freewheelin participants thrive like never before

Investing $100 million for the future of journalism
Seeding innovation that fosters journalism in our communities, Knight challenges everyone for a better democracy

A Web 2.0 application aimed at science
Using the crowd for scientific solutions, while inspiring passion to innovate in fresh ways

Call it ‘Crowd-forging’
We Media Game Changers ignite the spark of motivation

Making millions of voices heard
With an innovative use of social media and a savvy sense of what connects us all, David Plouffe helped America elect Barack Obama

Social advertising meets social good
Social Vibe succeeds by motivating communities of action in extraordinary ways across platforms and ideologies.

New way of communicating, 140 characters at a time
Twitter puts broadcasting into everyone’s hands, shifting media, networking and personal experience

On-the-ground reporting
Using text message mashups to help solve world crises — and adding a little more freedom with each keystroke

Using his muse to make love with the crowd
A creative artist re-defines citizen media as high art, and in the process makes social resonance a key quality of the digital era.